Delve Qualitative Tool - Group Demo

Once a week

Each week, we host a live, interactive demo of Delve to a small group. This gives us a chance to show you Delve and answer any questions you have.


I'll start off with an introduction about what Delve is, and then ask you all to introduce yourselves.

After that, I’ll screen share and show a demo of how Delve can help streamline your research. You can chime in with questions at any point!

I’d love for this to be as interactive as possible!

After the demo, I’ll share a link to all of you to sign up for Delve.

LaiYee Ho
Co-Founder of Delve

Questions? Email me at

More about Delve

Delve is an online tool for analyzing transcripts from in-depth interviews and focus groups.

Delve can help make your research process structured and transparent by creating a coding structure that evolves into your final insights.