Impress clients with evidence backed insights

Analyze transcripts and find themes that truly represent the people you interviewed

The problem Delve solves

We believe decisions grounded in human insights lead to positive change. But qualitative analysis tools are hard to use. Clunky software, piles of post it notes and custom spreadsheets aren’t good enough. 

Qualitative research deserves better, so we made it our goal to create a better solution.


How qualitative analysis is better with Delve


Maintain rigor with a simple coding interface

Bring interviews and notes into one place and categorize snippets into as many codes as you need.

See how it works.


Speed up analysis with filter and search

Time is of the essence when you’re a change maker. Filter snippets by codes and search across transcripts. 

See how it works.

By improving how qualitative analysis is done, we hope to empower researchers to transform communities and businesses with their insights.


Values that set Delve apart

Research first. 
Human centered.

We’re researchers following human centered principles. Delve is the outcome of many hours of interviews with qualitative researchers. 

We treat customers like valued research participants, encouraging honesty in their feedback so we can learn and improve upon Delve.

Delve is a service as well as a continuous research project, aimed to empower researchers to drive positive change with their insights.