Convince clients with evidence backed insights

Analyze transcripts and find themes that truly represent the people you interviewed

What is Delve?

Delve is an online tool that helps you code and analyze transcripts from in-depth interviews or focus groups.

Make your research process structured and transparent by creating a coding structure that evolves into your final insights.

Delve is more streamlined than coding with spreadsheets and documents, and more intuitive than traditional CAQDAS software.


How qualitative analysis is better with Delve


Collaborate with your team

There’s no better way to build trust than to bring your team into your process. Use Delve’s collaborative features to share your research.

See how it works.


Discover richer insights in less time

Find quotes across multiple interviews. Group quotes, and synthesize all in one place.. 

See how it works.

@delvetool is my new favourite thing. Highly encourage checking it out. Is the first/only research-focused app/utility I’ve ever found useful.”




“Delve is such a great, light-weight interview analysis tool for qualitative researchers!”

-Matt B.


“The interface of Delve is very clean and straightforward, and the coding process is easy to learn and use. Delve is a very convenient tool for coding text data as an individual or as a team.”

- Erika Y.

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Listen to our podcast episode on


Where Qualitative Meets Quantitative Data

with Delve co-founders LaiYee Ho and Alex Limpaecher


In this episode Adam Gamwell talks with Alex Limpaecher and LaiYee Ho, co-Founders of Delve. While Delve is a qualitative research suite, to help code transcripts, find insight, and pull actionable insights from data, the conversation takes focus on the subject of research. Specifically, the driving question is: how can qualitative and quantitative data work together? Here, academic and industry methodologies with anthropology are put into conversation leading to insights and actionable steps from social data.