We believe decisions grounded in human insights lead to positive change.

What's why we're playing our part in protecting a culture of informed decision making. 

We are inspired by qualitative researchers who are interviewing people and using insights from those conversations to transform communities and businesses.

We create digital tools that empower the systematic process of turning qualitative data into theory, insights, and change.


Before creating Delve, we were a UX research and data science team working with startups. We believed in the power of qualitative data and human centered design. We conducted most of our qualitative analysis individually using spreadsheets, and collaboratively through affinity diagramming with post it notes.

While we loved the work we did, we were frustrated how much manual effort was necessary to derive solid insights. Looking to solve this problem, we started interviewing friends who were policy researchers and social scientists.  Through these conversations, we learned of their Grounded Theory method of coding qualitative data.

Grounded in these interviews, Delve emerged as we learned more about researchers’ passion for their work but also their frustration with existing tools.

As a small team, we are bootstrapping Delve. Between the two of us, we are research, product management, design, engineering, marketing, customer service, and every little thing in between.

LaiYee Ho and Alex Limpaecher

Send us a note at team@twentytonine.com.